Kanou Kanou is derrived from the local Dusun word which means "come come" a friendly gesture implied to our homestay as means to invite visitors to come and stay at our very own 'escape from the busy urban lifestyle'. Step into our safe-haven, Kanou Kanou Homestay located just a few minutes away from Tagal Lingkubang which is our starting point for the Kadamaian River white water rafting has a unique view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu along with lush green surroundings, displaying nature's awesome feats!

Equipped with few basic facilities, Kanou Kanou Homestay is bound to make your stay as adventurous and fun as it can be. We have six rooms within a bamboo lodge, a camping ground, bathrooms and even a bbq pit! right next to our homestay is the Kadamaian River. Instant fresh water!

So, Kanou Kanou everyone! Come and try our homestay. An escape from reality with a serene environment!

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