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Rafting FAQs

Is whitewater rafting a safe activity?

Yes, it is safe. There has been a great increase in expertise in this sport; ditto in terms of quality, specialization and standardization of equipments and safety measures; all of which are the top-most aspects guaranteed by the Xtreme Paddlers.add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Is there any rule as to the minimum or maximum age to raft?

Basically, children below the age of 11 years are prohibited to raft. However, we welcome guests who are physically fit and children are compulsory accompany by his/her parents or guardian.

Can I raft if I cannot swim?

Fortunately, yes. In fact many of our guests in the past could not swim. Nonetheless, our teams are well trained and our rafting equipments are of the best quality.

I’m new to this activity. Is it possible for me to raft or should I join a class to learn how?

We conduct an orientation prior to each and every rafting tour; pertaining not only to safety, but also the basic paddle-handling techniques such as the backward and forward techniques.

What should I bring?

You don’t want to bring extra “stuff” with you. Wear comfortable clothes and well-fitting shoes. Sunglasses are recommended, but you’ll need a strap so you don’t lose them in the water.

How many rafters can a raft accommodate?

The rafts are different sizes which can accommodate 6 - 9 persons (M) and 12 persons (L); excluding the river guide(s). Bigger groups will be divided into smaller groups accordingly.

Will all rafts have their own river guides?

Yes; and our river guides are qualified professionals, thoroughly experienced, certified for CPR and first aid techniques. They have long been river-guiding and whitewater rafting.

Does everyone in the raft will get to paddle?

Guests may choose, whether they want to put their paddling skills to test or they may opt for the non-paddling positions.

Can I bring my camera whilst rafting?

Waterproof / resistant cameras are advisable to bring. However, upon request for photo taken are recommended before commence of rafting.


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